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Terms and payment method

The user pays for the Order and the delivery service in one of the following ways:
On-line payment on the Website with a VISA / MasterCard credit card through S.A. “MoldovaAgroIndBank” payment system.

When you  choosing on-line payment after placing the Order, the User will be redirected to the secure payment page S.A. “MoldovaAgroIndBank” ecomm.maib.md, where he needs to enter his bank card information.
S.A. “MoldovaAgroIndBank” protects and processes the User’s bank card data according to the PCI DSS security standard. Information is transmitted to the payment gateway using SSL encryption technology. Further information is transmitted through closed banking networks, which have the highest level of reliability. S.A. “MoldovaAgroIndBank" does not transfer the details of the User's card to third parties.

For additional cardholder authentication, the 3D Secure protocol is used. If the User’s Bank supports this technology, the User will be redirected to his server for additional identification. The user can check the information on the rules and methods of additional identification with the Bank that issued his bank card. Upon completion of the on-line payment procedure, the User automatically receives an electronic check of the Order by e-mail, which was specified by the User during registration.
The security of processing Internet payments is guaranteed by S.A. "MoldovaAgroIndBank". All operations with payment cards occur in accordance with the requirements of VISA International, MasterCard and other payment systems. When transmitting information, special security technologies for online card payments are used, data is processed on a secure high-tech server of the processing company  компании.

If the bank shall have any reasons to believe that the operation is fraudulent, the bank shall be entitled to refuse this operation. Payment is based on a secure online transaction processing system that ensures confidentiality, security and ease of purchase of an Internet service. Processing of bank card data shall be carried out exclusively by means of the bank; our store does not request and does not store any information about your card. https://morphinefashion.com does not store any data related to the card. See the Privacy Policy in the Privacy and Security section.